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Originally Posted by Carl Froehlich View Post
Same problem on the RV-10 and RV-14. This is what I did and recommend:
- Take a 1/2 x 1 or so piece of .125 aluminum, run the edges over your scotchbrite wheel.
- Drill a #30 hole biased to one side. Use your deburring tool to make a small countersink on one side. Insert a just slight linger round head rivet and set so that the shop head is flush with the back side of the aluminum. Buff smooth.
- Add clear packing tape on the back side.
- Tape your now finished custom rivet tool over the rivet you want to set. Have the round head right over it.
- Use your long round head rivet set and drive the rivet.
- Repeat as needed.

Now that is out of the box thinking!
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