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I just wanted to give an update to all our RV-14 Customers. We are currently on Revision 7 of the installation manual for our cabin fuel and brake line package. We have a lot of these being installed at the moment. We always appreciate and welcome customer feedback, and the additional pictures and data you provide allows us to update our installation manuals to make it even easier for future builders.

This revision adds some information on the parking brake installation, as well as some additional pictures for different parking brake actuator cable routings and part numbers that customers have been utilizing for the cable actuator assembly.

We also updated our Firewall forward hose package install manual to Rev 3 dated 7-14-18. We have added several additional hose configurations to include a backup pad mounted B and C alternator for the RV-14A and an upright B and C oil filter for the RV-14A.

Here is a link to the updated manual

Please clear out your browser cache or the new options/updated PDF files may not show as available on our website.

We also updated our rigid tube video section of the website. For those of you who purchased our RV-14 cabin fuel package, the 11:30 mark of the Rigid tube video shows how those tubes are now being fabricated.

Thanks again to all the builders that have contacted us requesting custom hoses for different configurations on their aircraft. This has helped us to create a massive database which is growly daily of many different hose configurations that are custom to the plane and options that YOU want.

Steve and Tom
Steve Tschurwald- Aircraft Specialty LLC (Your source for Custom Parts for Experimental Aircraft), AS FLIGHTLINES (Joint Venture with TS Flightlines)

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