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If you are interested in finding a convenient power source in the vicinity of the instrument panel, there is a spare unused +12 volt source on the back of the AV-50001 switch & fuse module on pin 6 labeled "Extra" on the prints which is powered off by the master switch. I needed an extra power source so just added a wire to pin 6 of the connector that plugs into the back of the switch and fuse module ... presto instant additional power.

Caution: The Extra circuit is unprotected ... so you will need to install an inline fuse for circuit protection. A couple of years back I called Van's and verified the trace on the module was rated to 5 amps even though it is shown on the prints at 2 amps .... (visually looking at the "Extra" trace on the module it appears to be as wide as the traces used for the 5 amp circuits).

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