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Default Powering Stratux

I built the ADS-B marvel, the Stratux and it works (almost, I just have a small problem with Fltplan's GPS on Nexus but this belongs to another thread). So far I powered Stratux via the USB plug located under the avionics shelf but it is in competition with my Nexus tablet which is also powered this way. As the whole kit will end-up on the fuel tank where the antenna seems to work well, I am thinking of hacking the power out of the ELT. There is an easy access to power from the buzzer but the conductor seems a bit thin to suck up to 2.5 amps (and even more if I end up using 2 dongles on Stratux to solve my GPS issue). As my annual inspection is looming, it's a good time to figure this out. Any suggestion from you guys who have gone more in depth into the circuitry?

Builder's name: Jean-Pierre Bernoux
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Kit # 120395 N124BX
Flying as of 9/11/2013

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