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Default Would work

Originally Posted by rleffler View Post
I'm in a similar boat. I think I'll probably sell my Garmin transponder and purchase the Dynon remote transponder and ADSB receiver. My only question is when to pull the trigger. Fortunately, budget and my wife' to do list makes it pretty clear that it will be awhile. My reasoning for going this route are some of the integration issues I've had with Navworx and AFS. Those should not be an issue staying with a single vendor solution.
Hi Bob,

I think that would certainly work. As I noted in my plane, I'm using the Approach Systems hub and harnesses. Changing out the transponder that is remote mounted would be a major pain in the arse. All the wires are neatly tied and done. I'm not inclined to change too much. In the 10 you've got a little more room. Just hoping the Dynon release isn't too far out. I want to wrap this thing up!!!
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