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Default Dynon ADAHRS mount in RV7 drawing

We're getting ready to replace the EKP-IV with a Skyview in our RV7 (Aurora built by Brian Carroll) . We have researched (read many, many threads most of which seemed to have been written before the remote magnetometer was an option) and have just a few questions.

Has anyone mounted the adahrs up front, behind the panel (where in our airplane, the pitot/static lines are already present) and then mounted just the remote magnetometer back behind the baggage area? Seems this would pretty much eliminate running long runs of pitot, static and AOA tubing back to the back.

Next, does anyone have any drawings for the ADAHRS/magnetometer mount that goes behind the baggage compartment? It would sure help if I could just fab it up and install it rather than calling 911 multiple times to drag me out of the tailcone while I'm getting measurements!
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