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Default Nose Fork Replacement

I am reviewing the threads that are dealing with the nose fork failures and the service bulletin 16-05-23 and seeing a need for a searchable thread on installing the replacement fork. There is lots of information but it is scattered around. So, copying my two posts on the replacement kits and installation to this new thread.

Replacing the fork is not required under the SB unless cracks are found.

Here are the two upgrade kits. The blue bracket parts on the right are the wheel fairing kit needed to adapt the nose wheel fairing to the new fork.

This fork is one beefy hunk of metal alright. Some have said it is ugly, but it looks good to me; I like it. It will be inside the fairing anyway most of the time.

I notice that the design of the axle has been changed so the axle bolt can now be torque tightened without danger of over-tightening the pressure on the wheel bearings. The wheel is kept centered in the fork by 2 wavy washers on each side. Nice change.
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