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I have no experience in a Champ, but I think it's safe to say that transition training in an RV would be strongly suggested, especially on hard surface runways. Takeoff isn't the issue, but it does happen fast and because of the horsepower, there can be noticeable P factor and left turning tendencies. An -8 will get up and go and you need to be ready for it. Landings of course are a challenge. Read for more info. Suffice it to say that the stiff legs on the RV-8 will bounce you back into the air with the slightest error. Three point landings can be made, but they are difficult and you have to have your airspeed control and timing just right. This is why most wheel land their -8s. I wouldn't assume that Champ training makes you ready for an -8 or anything other RV, and I'd strongly suggest transition training.
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