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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
which Rocket did you buy?

N86WR, SN 011 Its a beautiful plane that just needs a little TLC to bring her up to speed.

She had a large piece of flattened out hose clamped in between the exhaust stacks right about where the air exits the cowling. I removed that and trimmed a tiny bit of uneven material from the trailing edge of the lower cowling today. It will be tomorrow before I get any real numbers, but it sure seems to have helped a good bit. I'm guessing that the flattened hose represented about 9 square inches of obstructed exit area. Is there any need to tie the exhaust stacks together?

On another note, the LH upper landing gear intersection fairing has seen better days. It looks like a homeless place kicker used it for a shoe for the entire 2018 season. It really sticks out since its just about the only thing on the plane that isn't really nice. The crankcase vent exits flush with the belly at the left gear leg and I see where it is sucking oil all the way down the outboard side of the gear leg, so I'm guessing that it has the airflow really jacked up in that area. Does Mr. Harmon still supply these fairings?

All of the gear leg fairings are split in the rear to facilitate removal, but when installed, the gaps are unacceptably large. Are there any tricks to neatly pull them together?



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