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Epoxy? Go one better... JB Weld!

Last week I discovered my wife's Bose X had a broken yoke. Don't know what broke it - suspect it just gave up the ghost with all the thermal cycling it's been seeing of late.

Brought the headset home, removed the wire clip and pulled the wire from the yoke, then scuff-sanded the plastic to give some "tooth" for adhesion. Mixed up a batch of JB Weld, applied and let cure 48 hours. Reinstalled the wire and wire clip.

Looks a bit less appealing than a new yoke, but on Monday's flight it worked a charm. Net cost of the repair was likely $0.25...

If it breaks again I'm going to pull the wire from its track within the yoke, then cut and fit a piece of steel wire (small coat hanger) and JB-Weld it into the wiring track. The wire itself will be tacked to the JB-Weld using cyano-acrylic glue.

While I like the Bose, I'm not at all inclined to spend the CAD$300 it would take for a factory repair. I contrast this to my David Clarks which I purchased new in 1980 - I've suffered one microphone failure with them and no wiring or mechanical failures in 37 years or service. Bose would do well to revisit the mechanical design of their headsets. The ear cup yoke clearly is not the place to use plastic as the primary structure.

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