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Originally Posted by Brantel View Post

After pulling everything out and getting a look at it, all the parts seem to be undamaged. The skins are OK and while I still need to do a complete inventory to make sure nothing fell out, it looks like I got lucky!
Are those red parts the fuel caps? Did Van's change them? All the other build logs I've seen haven't been anodized.

My tail kit came via a different carrier with one end opened and foot prints all over it. Everything was fine and present though. The 10# of kraft paper and about 1000' of plastic wrap does its job!

Originally Posted by Brantel View Post
It took 12 for mine to ship. Another 9 days (so far) to travel to East TN.
Probably for the best right now. Between the weather, family, holidays, and work I've only put in about 5 hours on the tail over the past two weeks. I was going to finish priming today but t-storms just rolled in.
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