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Default When someone is stranded--"AOG"

Just a general observation and opinion: When someone is stranded and posting on VAF for help, it might be a good idea to only reply or add to the post if you are going to help them. I mean, put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it is like to be stranded at an airport, praying that someone is going to come help you. Every time you log on to VAF to see if help is coming you have 20 comments with people discussing among themselves who knows more about airplanes, or nick-picking a non safety-to-flight observation about your photo.
I am all for the debate. I think it raises all of our knowledge and skills. I'm just saying that the debate should wait until the person has been rescued, or maybe started as a new post.- Food for Thought...

To the moderator: Is there a way to keep a request for help active at the top so they do not disappear to the 2nd page ? [ed. Made it a sticky. Good idea. v/r,dr]
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