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Originally Posted by johnslemp View Post
Hello There!

Although I understand (and support) the "educational" benefit of the group build approach, I have to wonder about the repairman's certificate, and also about how the FAA will view the concept, insofar as the 51% rule applies.

I'd love to hear your comments... Thanks!

John Slemp
Originally Posted by Mel View Post
These are Experimental Light-Sport aircraft. The 51% rule does not apply.
Also, the repairman certificate is available to the owner after he/she completes an approved training course.
Like Mel already pointed out, as long as an RV-12 is built meeting the requirements to make it eligible to be certificated as an E-LSA (versus an experimental amateur built) aircraft, the 51% rule does not apply. In fact a person can legally build an E-LSA RV-12 for another person and be paid for his work.

BTW, their is nothing in the rules preventing an experimental amateur built airplane from being built by a group of people just like the teen flight project is. The only requirement is that proof can be provided to show that all party's involved did it for their own education and recreation...that no one was paid for doing any work (at least none beyond what is allowed to meet the work completion requirements as outlined in Form 8000-38).

Eligibility for the repairman's certificate is an entirely different issue. A selected person from the group would have to be able to demonstrate to a DAR's satisfaction that he is familiar with all of the aspects of this particular airplane to the extent that he can properly perform a condition inspection.

For the E-LSA RV-12, a Light Sport Repairman Inspector rating is the required level of certification needed to be allowed to sign off a condition inspection. This can not be obtained just by completing construction of the airplane. It requires taking a 16 hr course. If every member of a builders group wanted to be able to sign off the condition inspection, all they need to do is each take the course.

As far as maintenance and repairs go...anyone can can do that work and sign it off in the log book for the E-AB or the E-LSA airplane. The repairman's certificates mentioned above are for certification to sign off the yearly condition inspection only.
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