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Default Van's Factory RV-12iS Tour May 6th-15th - Hope to meet some of you!

Figured I'd post this here and see who might be located somewhere along my path and able to meet up while I'm flying one of our factory RV-12iS airplanes around the country over the next week and a half or so.

I'll be in the Georgia area starting Monday, and need to end up at the AOPA fly-in at Frederick, Maryland by Thursday. After the fly-in, I plan to depart most likely on Sunday and head toward the Great Lakes area for a bit, then south-ish over Missouri and Arkansas and on to DR's place near Dallas, Texas for a stop. After that, will likely hit Colorado and Salt Lake City area before bookin' it on back to the Van's HQ in Oregon by the 15th or 16th of May.

So, that means I can take a couple days this week as well as after the AOPA show, and visit with some RV folks around those places and areas in-between (or reasonably close, RV-12 speeds factored in). I'd like nothing more than to see what you're building and/or flying, to hear your "RV stories," and maybe even record them.

Truth be told, that's my goal: Record some interviews of all you cool people and your RVs! We've been making airplanes for nearly 50 years, and it's high time we started telling your stories more, so that's the plan. Don't be shy, I'll make it easy, let's tell the world!

I'd also be interested to hear what you'd like to see come out of Van's Aircraft in the future. Here's a chance to let us know what you think.

So - Has flying your RV or your build project changed your life? Of course it has - Let's meet up! I'll bring some of our new Van's stickers and patches - they're easy to carry in the airplane on a 10-day RV-12 trip.

The ultimate bonus situation would be finding locations with a group of builders/owners/pilots that need a good excuse to meet up. But, even one person/airplane is of interest. So, if you think you or someone in the area would be good to meet and talk with, please let me know. You can post a reply here, text or call me at 503-410-two-two-fife-four and/or send me an email at

Of course, weather, safety and overall schedule will define exactly where I can/cannot go and when -- and we all know how that goes planning-wise, but please contact me! I'll do my best. As my plans become more solid, I can update them here if it helps.

Thanks - Hope to see and meet some of you!

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