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Default freemium model?

Not at all trying to tell you how to run your biz Doug, you seem to be doing fine!

If Rob's math is correct, using AWS storage pricing 11 TB would be $269/month. No idea what your current web hosting company charges per TB, but probably about that.

Perhaps you could enable file hosting only for those that pay you? You could then charge us an extra $4/month.

This is not for me or others that understand the technology, and have no issue hosting our images, it's for those that use an image storage system that disappears and then the VAF community loses that knowledge.

Would you have any issue with someone scraping the site to grab the IMG links and copying the images? That might be something we could code up quickly and would be like a VAF archive of images stored safely in case some disappear.

Thanks for the discussion!
Mickey Coggins
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