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Originally Posted by dbhill916 View Post
looks like several of you identified the issue. I was indeed assuming that TIS data came in the ADSB path, so it "had to be working." Now I know that TIS is via the transponder and I've had no ADSB at all. I'll get out there tomorrow (fingers crossed) and see about setting the serial port. Stay tuned.
Yep. As is so often the case with this airplane, if something's not right, just go back and read the friendly manual again. I had neglected to configure Port 2 to ADSB-470 due to my mistaken assumption that the presence of TIS data implied that that had already been done with the factory preset file. I did the configuration and Viola!I have weather and radar data. (Not that I do any RV-12 flying if the weather isn't severe VMC).

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