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Thanks again!
Yeah! Super fun doing my own mx.. I just hadn't anticipated starting on it literally the day I pulled it in to my hangar. I purchased the thin nylon sleeve bearings for both end of the springs (McMaster-Carr) to avoid contacting the rod and spring issue. I couldn't imagine that being a good idea either. Some of the photos I see here were a tad concerning to me about longevity.
I have the 2 bolt setup, but I have them really operating freely.
Hadn't considered just taping the lines up in place. Hmmm.. I think the "rub" is superficial so I may do that, just to see how the rest of the mods/fixes go, and then tackle the inside-the-pant part when I replace the disks next inspection. The pads look cooked to me but my IA buddy says they are fine. But a line replacement seems in order.
The left side doesn't rub the disk. I think the right is bent. May pull it off to true it up or maybe just "tweak" it back in place.
Just one thing at a time. I haven't even made my first "payment" on it yet!
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