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This looks like a sam james bracket. It may have been bent to match the pant. It is too close to the disc - it should not be touching. You can add a washer .063 or .031 to the spacer to help that clearance. You may need longer bolts to ensure function of the self-locking feature.

The brake hose could have slid down the gear. You may be able to just pull it up and properly secure so it won't touch anything moving or sharp, but allows some movement. Self vulcanizing silicone rescue tape works well to protect the gear leg and hold a hose or tube.

You got my comment on the bolt. A bear to do under the panel, but get several old pillows and get comfy. If you choose springs, just slide over the master cylinder plunger and set some preload with the stop collar. Bleed the brakes from the bottom up, not top down.

In all of this, one thing leads to another, so follow the issues generated as you correct the other for a successful outcome.

Happy repairs . . .Welcome to VAF!

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