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A few people have used a torque tube to transfer the rotation from behind the panel to below the panel. I have seen photos here on VAF of two installations, one with the original T-handle sticking out under the panel, and one with a large knob attached to the end of the torque tube (pointing straight down at the floor).

Personally, I think these have the advantages of both relocating the handle, *and* maintaining accessibility in an emergency. My -6 tip-up didn't have the handle at all when I bought it, the lever holding the pins in position was just bolted in place behind all the panels for a "semi-permanent" installation. I bought a new T-handle from Van's, drilled the hole in the panel, and mounted it as per the plans. When I had to remove the canopy to repair a cracked frame, it was trivial to pull and release.

Thankfully I have not needed it for any emergency situation. But I am happy to have it as an option if it ever comes up.
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