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Default G3X Testing & Power Up Issue

Good afternoon all,

Looking for some quick assistance from anyone with G3X experience. I recently purchased a used G3X Non-Touch. I figured I'd get them while they are still available since I hate touchscreens, I like the Garmin line, and plan to go that route with the rest of my avionics when I get there.

My question is this: Are there any gotchas regarding power-up testing? I haven't gotten to that point yet. However, I have my multimeter out and am testing continuity between the Aircraft Power pins (31 & 32) and the Power Ground pins (15 & 16) to make sure the unit functions, but I'm not getting any continuity from either Power Pin. I also am not getting continuity between the Config Module Power Out & Ground pins (the only other thing I can think of that uses power provided by the unit on the harness, pins 17 & 49). I want to make sure I didn't get a dud. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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