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Originally Posted by Raymo View Post
The conduit in mine has plenty of room. A trick to pulling wire through is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck a string down the length of the conduit. Then pull more strings and/or wires.

I opted not to install the VOR antenna because I am not IFR rated and by the time (maybe next year), most approaches will support GPS as VORs/ILS approaches are phazed out. If you want IFR capability for less cost than a certified GPS you should at least run the RG-400 when it is easy to do. The FAA will likely keep some VORs/ILS approaches for years to come but they are expensive to maintain compared to the newer type.

Mac McClellan's The Future Arrives article in EAA Sport Aviation November 2016 magazine is a good read on the topic.
That was indeed a very good read Ray. I am probably a good 3 to 5 years (maybe) from completion since I am just now on my wings. I really have to wonder that if by the time I finish, will there still be enough VOR stations around to make a NAV radio useful? I think I may just run the coax since its not very expensive, but hold off on buying the Archer antenna until I am close to flying.

Here's a schedule of the VORs decommission:
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