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Default Slow Start

Some tail parts are home and are getting worked on. Unfortunately one of the parts which got rejected, in this case due to a defect at the mill, is one of the elevator spar caps. While I'm waiting for a replacement, I started the hinges and the vertical stabilizer spar.

As noted in the RV-3 Plans Clarifications thread, the VS-307 piece needs considerable trimming to fit. But there's ample material for that.

Unlike the rear spar channel for the horizontal stabilizer, the one for the vertical stabilizer is correctly formed. The two channels for the horizontal stabilizer are slightly wider at the root and slightly narrower at the tip than specified on the plans, just enough to throw off the plans dimensions for trimming the cap that I'm waiting for.

The RV-3B is a lot different than the pre-punched kits.

The welded steel parts came bare. I deburred them, did some trimming to the plans - yes, checking first for potential conflicts - and then primed them. They all need more cutting or drilling before assembly. The local powder-coater said it's better to prime them with rattle-can primer than powder-coat them if I'm going to eventually powder-coat them later after further work.

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