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Head on a swivel.

A couple weeks ago at a non-towered airport a fellow aircraft did everything wrong and this was while on frequency.
Long story short the aircraft flew directly through the departing runway airspace. Wrong side to enter pattern. Wrong altitude. Wrong location. Unannounced.

WE WERE in communication. That is to say he announced his intent to land on the active runway 5 and 10 miles out. I radioed my departure before taking the active runway for a straight out departure. At the time the other aircraft was still quite aways out. Everything good. Smooth take-off. Another call announcing my departure and heading then the other aircraft flew directly in front of me BELOW pattern altitude.

Luckily I was able to see and avoid but wow!!!

The only thing I can figure is he was announcing but not listening and that given the airport has little traffic that perhaps he just assumed there was nobody else there?

Great learning experiences eh. Also nice that Van's are so nimble.
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