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Default one more opinion

for what it's worth;
Bad situation #1.
where you made your calls becomes irrelevant if he's not on frequency. I don't know how you confirm that he's heard you, other than by his actions, which weren't clear.
perhaps .....'Cessna in the run-up, what are your intentions???"

#2. a Cessna at 90 degrees to the runway is pretty blind UP in both directions. He would NOT have seen you on final unless he put his nose up on the dash. High-wing blind spots are worst on the ground.

my recent young instructor has added this mantra to my pre-takeoff or runway crossing; " it clear left? ( actually LOOK at the entire approach path!) Yes? it clear right? ( actually LOOK and VERIFY !) when both answers are YES, crank a little S-turn left and right as you proceed, and check again.
RV drivers with the great vis are the exception to many high AND low wing cabin aircraft, with poor sightlines, especially out the far side.

My $.02
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