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Default make your own bits

if you take the drill size you want ( old and dull is ok) then use a Dremel with an abrasive disc.....put the bit in a vise, get out your reading glasses, and then take the 'rake' out of the bit.
grind the face of the cutting edge completely vertical, in line with the long axis of the bit. Some guys also point the bit like the fancy ones, but it's not entirely necessary.
You now have a milling tool.....much like the unibit.
It will SCRAPE it's way thru the acrylic, and won't 'grab' as you exit.

As other's have said, be sure you have a good, solid backup, and just go right into it so the hole in the acrylic is a nice cylinder.

smart to test, test, test before doing the real thing.
You'll know by the sound..... the rpm.... and pressure ....and speed of cut that makes nice curlies, and those that don't!
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