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Originally Posted by Ex Bonanza Bucko View Post
Thanks guys. I guess I should have added that I am not interested in Steam gages because I like them but because they don't fail like glass cockpits are bound to.

I guess I'm stuck with electronics in an S-LSA. If I buy an E-LSA there will be steam gages in it.
You might not be "stuck" if you buy SLSA. Call or write Vans and ask what their policy will be on issuing LOA's. Their answer will, of course, depend on the magnitude of the request. If you want to hang an o-200 on the front, the answer will probably be no. A canopy lock should be approved, maybe even with a fleet approval. A couple of steam gauges? Who knows. The biggest problem with LOA's, I would guess, is that they are not going to want a whole bunch of various modifications for the fleet just to suite the multitude of desires of a diverse bunch of owners. And, each LOA, no matter how simple, takes time and money.
All you can do is ask. The above is just my opinion which is worth exactly what you are paying for it.

And, if you are flying as a light sport pilot, no night or IFR, you should be able to get it down with a dark panel. A portable GPS with a simulated 6 pack would seal the deal.
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