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Originally Posted by Adam W View Post
Hello all

I have just put together my brake rudder pedal assembly. After bolting in the Marco master cylinders I find the brake pedals not returning all the way to neutral. The hinge bolts are not binding. Is this something that will improve when the system has fluid in it? Is this why I see many have used an upgraded cylinder? Is it normal?
Just wondering before I bolt this assembly in the fuse and it's way harder to work on.
Also does it pay to replace the Vans plastic brake tubing with higher end braded lines?
They should return. Remove from the assy and determine if they are sticky. I used a little air pressure (less than 1 psi) to ensure mine returned. I did remove the rudder pedal assembly to replace the forward skin, so, it can be done. That is when I found the non return issue, long bolts completely fixed it. I have additional return springs and collars on hand just-in-case. Those pedals have to have ZERO friction or they will impede the master return.

BTW - You will learn to work under the panel. A barrier to things on the firewall sticking holes in your head (1/4" plywood), several pillows and you are fine, as long as you are flexible.

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