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It was a tumultuous weekend for me. At 0230 EST Saturday, Pearl Harbor Day and coincidentally my father's birthday... it was also the actual birth day of my first grandson. Joseph Rodney Haines has landed safely; he and mother Naomi (the rosy riveter that helped me put the top aft skin on my RV-8) are doing well. After not much sleep and the usual Saturday morning breakfast with the PTK gang, I paid a visit to Naomi and Joey at the hospital before heading over to Windsor to get an hour of instruction in the CH2A Chipmunk; if you're interested, check out the video on my YouTube channel. When I got home Saturday afternoon, it was definitely Beer O'Clock; rested and basked in the glory of the day. Sunday we visited with Joey... and through all this I did manage to get some work done on the RV-8 this weekend. The bottom cowl hinges were dialed in and the cowl hung on its own for the first time. Now working on the Skybolt flanges along the top edge of the bottom cowl. So... yeah... good weekend.
(BTW I've been to the Tennessee Museum of Aviation; very cool place.)

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