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Reminds me of my favorite safety report- Near miss, C-17 and minivan. KXNO was hosting on the eastside, away from our 3500x90' strip, a boyscout encampment.

I, a newish IP, was flying NVG training on a Sat night. We noticed a vehicle in an odd locaation on one smash and dash and asked the Lt in the tower, who had sounded like he was on the base station, not a portable, if he had gone mobile for an unannounced FOD check. Nope. Ok, time for a low pass.

We find a Chrysler minivan, now paralleling the strip, in the grass, catching air at about 50 mph. Now, that would have been uncomfortable in the airfield's hack humvee, I was expecting a Joie Chitwood CHiPs flip any moment.

It's obvious our presence is not helping the interloper's cruise night, so we relent the field to the fire crews, who find a shaken, lost den mother parked along the boundary fence. She missed the road mid field between their camping and our strip, didnt realize passing the tower and fire dept was an e-ticket ride for our night show.
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