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Originally Posted by ppilotmike View Post

So you're saying it's a pain to get the 90 degree adapter installed, but would you also say that it's "worth the pain" of installation? Did you have to modify or grind down anything to the get clearance between the adapter and the alternator housing, either for install or other reasons?

Bill brings up a good point in his write up: If you have the modify the alternator to install with the 90 deg adapter, it makes replacement of the alternator more of a PTIA..
No, I'm saying the bolt that holds the alternator that is located between the alternator and the oil filter is a pain to put in with the engine off the plane. It's even worse when the engine is mounted.

I had to modify a ratcheting wrench to about 3" in length, then it was only able to move a couple teeth at a time. There just isn't enough room to maneuver. When the engine is mounted, you have to do it in the blind.

Once the oil filter adapter spacers are installed, that problem goes away.

I didn't install the oil filter adapter until a couple years of flying. I wish I put it on day one. It's a godsend!

I had no modifications other than the spacers that B&C provided. Now if you install anything else than this model alternator, you need to talk with B&C.
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