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Default interior paint

i cant remeber all the section numbers....i painted the fwd part of the interior( fwd of the main spar) after attaching the empenage but before installing all the brake pedals and before shooting on the fwd upper fuse skin. After shooting the instrument panel structure together i primed and painted it before installing it into the aircraft(because its hard to paint all sides of the structure). After installing the instrument panel structure and the upper fuselage decks(along the sides where the canopy closes onto) and also after finishing the baggage area I painted the rest of the interior. After installing the roll over structure i masked everthing off and sprayed it. I thought alot about the best order to paint everything. I didnt want to see any blend areas in my paint. Also i didnt want to have to repaint after riveting on the upper fuse decks. if u give me your email or phone number i can9 email or text u pics to better understand the order.
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