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Originally Posted by jrs14855 View Post
North Adams AQW would be excellent for access to motels and restaurants, several choices within walking distance. Courtesy cars are pretty rare except at big city FBO's.
I know itís thread drift, but Iíve found courtesy cars at small, single-runway airports in TX, OK, KY, TN, OH, LA, WI, MS, ...

I try to add that data to the Comments section (or sometimes FBO Comments) in ForeFlight. Sometimes they are ragged, old police cars, and sometime pretty nice. Occasionally they are parked out back, and the key is hanging on the wall with a clipboard, and the CTAF opens the FBO door, 24/7.

My 2018 Osh trip was over 3 weeks with many nights in FBO recliners or sofas. With a car, fridge, uwave, and a recliner chair Iím set to wait out weather, an hour or day(s).

After Osh19 I flew to Green Bay. I called ahead and FBO said free courtesy car and waive $40 landing/handling fee with ANY fuel purchase. Flew over with full tanks, bought 3.2 gallons, and got the car to chase breakfast and no extra fee!

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