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Default Discussing The Fix

It really shouldn't be that difficult to just strip back off the items on the top of the engine that interfere with the removal of the baffle. We all have detailed instructions and experience with that. The baffle itself may be a little tedious to get off, but I think that, with a little care, we might save most of the seal that we made. I really don't like the idea of cutting into that $200 part. In fact, according to one of the Rotax engine instructors, he thought that the seal that we were making was overkill. Apparently, none of the other users of this engine go through that sealing process. They just trim for a close fit, and rely on the population of parts of top, to keep it in place. Actually, I kind of like the idea of being able to take that baffle off, without going through the clean and reseal process. But the best answer for us folks, still in the build process, is to wait for the Van's fix. That way, I'm sure that we will get the best solution and I would expect that solution to be timely.

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