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Default One more opinion...

I adopted my RV6A w/tip-up canopy from the original builder 4 years and almost 400 hours ago. I asked a friend who was very familiar with this airplane if there was anything he would change on the airplane. He said the first thing he would do is replace the manual flaps with electric. I looked up the parts and IIRC, the total came to about $600.00. My first priority was to add a fuel flow transducer to the GRT EIS4000 engine monitor. By the time I got around to thinking about replacing the flaps, I decided I'd rather spend the money on AVGAS. The only issue I have is if my right seater is on the larger size, they have to pull their left arm over in front of them so I can work the handle. I have several hundred hours in Cherokees so a manual flap handle didn't bother me.
I should say that the guy who suggested changing to electric flaps built a 6A with a slider so I shouldn't have been listening to him anyway. ***Flame Suit On***
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