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Originally Posted by gasman View Post

I do not like the flap motor between the seats. Van just chopped off the handle and installed a L/A as a flap motor. He did move the weldment to the backside of the bulkhead, but created a doghouse between the seats. I would move the flap motor over to the right cargo wall and install it to mount on the seat bulkhead right behind the armrest. No doghouse to make, it takes longer to install the doghouse than the system itself.
I have seen this mod. before. It is very similar to the system on the RV-8 with one exception. The fuselage is much wider so the torsional load on the torque tube is much higher and it will cause a slight asymmetric flap deployment (because of twist in the tube) unless a heavier wall tube is used.

Originally Posted by Sam Buchanan View Post
I forgot to mention that my flap handle was shortened so it would roost against the floor. That gets it out of the way when the flaps are retracted but does require more effort to deploy the flaps.

But I didn't do the mod to prevent a nasty blood blister when you get pinched by the handle plunger....
The button has been redesigned so that it no longer has the relief notch which solves the finger pinch problem.
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