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Default Torquing Vert Stab Attach Castle Nut Question

So I am attempting to torque down the bolt (AN4-5) for the front of the vertical stabilizer. It would not torque down to any range (50-70 in lb) to line up the hole for the cotter pin. the call out is for two 463P washers. So I added a third thin washer (1/32"). I put them all on the nut side and I can torque down and slide in the cotter pin. I was advised that I should not have all the washers on one side. So I moved one of the 463P washers to the head side. For some odd reason, I can't get the nut to torque down with any combination of washers on the nut side now that I have one washer on the head side.

I moved them all back to the nuts side and torqued down fine.

Any thoughts?

Is it unsafe to have three washers on the nut side?

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