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Originally Posted by Phantom30 View Post
Scott..would love to hear what the test pilot thought relative in smoothness compared to 2 blade...whether Vanís decides to offer as option..
There is no noticeable difference in smoothness between the standard two blade and the three blade being tested as long as both have had the blade pitch set accurately and a dynamic balance has been done.

A few other comparisons...

The 3 blade is between 1-2 lbs lighter than the two blade.

It makes the lower cowl more difficult to remove and install (will require a longer nose gear leg slot if it is officially adopted)

It has zero indexing capability for the blade pitch so each blade must be 100% adjusted manually (not a big deal for those that want smooth running and do that anyway)

The prop can be removed from the engine with the blades still installed, so no repitching is necessary if removed for 500 hr gear box inspections, etc.

Comparisons in performance will have to wait.......
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