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Originally Posted by E. D. Eliot View Post
Was at Van's yesterday - looking around, returning parts that I over-ordered, picking up new parts. Walked out to the hanger to look at what's new just as Scott returned from an iS demo flight. Beautiful airplane! Noticed that they are 'testing a three blade prop. Asked if it was a CATO prop and if it was ok to list that info here. Was told that it was likely (not sure) a CATO, that they were testing it, and that it was ok to post here. A beautiful prop. Hope that it works out ok. Took a photo but there is no way that I am able to post it here - sorry.
It was nice meeting you yesterday Ed.
Sorry I had to run right away.... we were late getting to a meeting after returning from a test flight evaluating the propeller performance.

One correction.... the propeller being test is a Sensenich 3 blade ground adjustable. It is an updated version from the original design we tested early in the RV-12 development program and decided not to offer in the kit.

The decision on whether to offer this newer design as an option is still under evaluation.
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