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Originally Posted by N941WR View Post
I would suspect that if it goes upside down, the canopy is going to break, regardless of how it is fastened to the airframe. Once it is cracked, kicking the rest of it out isn't going be that difficult.

One thing that I noticed that some people do on this forum is to pack some type of canopy breaking tool. I would suspect that if you are upside down, hanging from your harness, or if you have released your harness and are scrunched up in the cockpit, on your knees, you will not have the room to swing a hammer/hatchet/whatever with enough force to break out your canopy and that the only tool that will really work is your foot.

The comparison is Plexiglass will fracture around rivets and break away. Sika will hold on to every inch of perimeter. So you might break out the plexiglass but might not get it to peel away.
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