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Default APRS TV live today (previously 5-30-14)

APRS TV of 22C will be live today beginning in about 30min. I'm sitting here flying my desk while Tanya has a mission:
fuel, depart home to Corsicana, TX (kcrs) to pick up her mother. fuel. Tanya, "I want those tanks FULL when I depart to go do the dance." Depart kcrs for North Little rock (ORK) Arkansas. She has an IFR flight plan filed for that last leg. The goal is to take her mother to a family wedding. Looking at the weather this morning, she said "I'm completely prepared not to make it or to spend the night somewhere else and try again tomorrow." Mom knows that too.

Bill, heads up! She has cookies onboard.

I sure am glad there is APRS on that thing!!call=a%2FN4822C&timerange=3600&tail=3600
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