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It’s almost to the point of humorous... a guy asks if anyone has experience with a prop and immediately there is a flurry of activity by the LSA police...without actually answering the question.

Jim, my recommendation is to post this in the propeller section so as to avoid the’s the main reason I minimize posting about my build. Don’t draw outside the lines man!

I personally have flown with an airmaster prop and like their controls. Depending on the hub you choose, it will have a climb and cruise detents, along with a dial or “coarse and fine” adjustments. The setpoints are adjustable via a serial port. Also, they will use Whirl Wind Aviation blades, which I find to be very high quality.

I also find that Airmaster is very responsive with customer service, even on the other side of the planet.

As an aside, while you will gain some performance with the CS prop; I personally don’t think it’s worth the money on an RV-12, just based on the design cruising speeds of the airframe.
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