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Default Apparently airworthy!

On Sept 18th C-FCSH was inspected by not one, but two Canadian MD-RA inspectors (one inspector and one trainee inspector).

All went very well, the inspection itself took around three hours with only two snags found. One "less than tight" jam-nut on an aileron pushrod and one cotter pin touching a brake line.

Paper work took another few hours to complete but the day ended well with the promise of a Special Certificate of airworthiness to arrive in the mail in a few weeks. Long day for sure.

A week later I called the MD-RA regional boss and he emailed me the certificate immediately. Impressive service really.

So apparently I'm good to go! I've got a few more things to tidy up before the big day and our airport is currently closed for runway resurfacing until Oct 10th, so no rush. Can't quite believe Im legal, insured, registered and certified to fly this long term project!

Many Thanks to my wife Clare and kids Lauren and Dean for being endlessly patient, especially since the aircraft was moved to the airport a few months ago and to John Van Lieshout for a thorough pre-inspection inspection. To the countless friends along the way that've pitched in with helping hands, to Marty and John my MD-RA inspectors who made the day enjoyable with good banter throughout and to Jamie Alexandre who completed the paperwork in record time.

Exciting times!

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