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Default iS engine cushion clamp frustration (tip)

I received the engine last week and had it mounted up in no time.

Towards the end of this KAI section, they have you use 3 cushion clamps (MS21919's) all stacked on top of each other with one long AN3 bolt. You're securing two fairly thick wiring-harness cables to the powder coated engine frame, hence the need for THREE clamps.

I must have wasted a full hour trying to line up all the clamps, squeeze them, get the bolt through all of them.. very frustrating.

After careful inspection of the photo in the KAI, I noticed that the factory had compressed each clamp separately and used safety wire to keep them closed.

After closing/compressing, then safetying the three clamps separately, it was a lot easier to slide the AN3 bolt through all of them and get the nut on. Maybe everyone knows this trick already, but it blew my mind! I didn't realize that this thin safety had that much strength to hold a clamp shut.

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