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Default Red Cube is Inop

Hello All,
Recently our fuel tank developed a seeping leak at a rivet head. Rather then attempting a repair we sought out Vans Aircraft for help. They provided us with a refurbished fuel tank on short notice and got us back in the air in short time. Thank you Van's Aircraft.
In order to replace the fuel tank we first had to defuel the aircraft. We did so by breaking the fuel line at the gascolator and running the electric fuel pump until cavitation. Several times. I mean we really cavitated every thing. Tank, Electric pump, and Red cube fuel flow sensor. We got pretty much every drop of fuel out of the tank.
The remove and replace went very well. But, since that time we get no Skyview data for fuel flow (GPH) or fuel remaining. That is backed up by our black box data downloaded and then uploaded to Savvey Engine Analysis.
Could we have damaged the red cube by cavitating is so aggressively?
Thanks in advance
Art Tiller
Pacific Northwest
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