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Originally Posted by smokyray View Post

By the numbers:*
My best props allow me to run at WOT at 11,500 and achieve rated rpm(2700) @175KTAS. Below 5000' I should be able to set 24" MP and achieve 2400-2500 RPM at 155-160KTAS. WOT ay S.L. is 2800-2900/28" at 175KIAS.
Static and takeoff RPM should be around 2250-2350. Use 120 Knots as a cruise climb at 2450 and you should gain "tech order" (best rate) climb.

You should see similar numbers with your setup...

*My carb equipped 180HP RV"X" 2 blade Catto Gen 2, homemade fairings, Van's PR wheel pants, 380 tires, TX mud stuck here and there.
Thanks for the numbers, as you can see my testing numbers above, my 2700/WOT limit was 168 kts at 14,500 DA

Sensenich just repitched my prop from 83 to 85 inches, so new tests should get pretty close to your numbers.

I'll update my orange diamonds above when tests are complete, but since my house is at a DA of 6,000 ft at the moment, sea level testing is out.

I'm expecting about 4 kts increase at most conditions, but don't know what the altitude for 2700 rpm WOT will be. I'm sure it won't be as high as 14,500 DA.

*My carb equipped 180HP RV6A, 2 blade Sensenich, homemade fairings, Sam James wheel pants, Std. kit tires, No AZ mud around.
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