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Just received a reply from TC on my questions:

Question 1 – For an Amateur-Built aircraft built and registered prior to 2006, does the Exemption apply? Or is the aircraft bound by the non-exempted Chapter 549?

Originally Posted by TC
An amateur-built aircraft completed prior to September 2006 would have been built to the Airworthiness Manual (AWM) 549 standard rather than the standards provided under the original or current Exemption. The continuing maintenance requirements of AWM 549.19<> (b) and (c) would apply.
Question 2 – For an Amateur-Built aircraft built after 2006, does the Exemption apply if the builder is not interested in one of the "Purposes" listed in the Exemption? i.e. the Purposes of (a) contracting for professional assistance, (b) importing a foreign aircraft, or (c) not complying with the max take-off weight or seating requirements.

Originally Posted by TC
The Exemption is basically a “let”, allowing the builder to opt out of the more restrictive requirements of the AWM 549. If the builder chooses to build in accordance with AWM 549, this is their choice, but the builder will have to be aware that ALL of the AWM 549 requirements applicable to the build will have to be complied with.
The answer to my question 2 suggests that you can apply the Exemption to builds that don't fall into one of the three purposes listed in the Exemption.

Both answers suggest that if you didn't build under the exemption, even if it were in place, you can't operate under it. I'll send another email asking more questions to clarify...
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