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Hi Bill:

This thread prompted me to do some digging on VAF. Last evening I invested an hour in an 18 page thread on the topic from 2013/14 (one you participated in). With this background, I am now intrigued enough to do some more experimentation and evaluation.

During break-in, I used the A curve with manifold pressure disconnected for the first few hours. When I didn't see a single CHT over 400 despite the high power settings, I connected the manifold pressure and after more hours, switched to the B curve. During my break-in, I was adding wheel fairings piece by piece so performance changes were impossible to attribute.

With 180 hours, I now get 170 kts TAS at 7,500 on 8.2-8.3 GPH, CHTs in the low 300s and never over 400 no matter what - quite a bit better than I saw on my RV6 and much better than I expected on this larger airplane, so I am (was?) quite happy. However, after reading all the discussion (older thread) I will give the A curve a serious evaluation now. Unfortunately, tomorrow the airplane goes into the paint shop so my testing will have to wait. I will contact you in about a month.
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