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Originally Posted by bruceflys View Post
My wife does. After eight years of flying her own very nice C172, she moved to a RV-12 and would never go back. Its controls are light, handling is nimble, visibility is excellent and operating costs are low. The -12's size makes it easy to hangar and to push around by hand.

With the canopy cracked open, the prop breeze makes taxiing in the Florida summer sun acceptable. However touch and goes and low altitude maneuvering such as turns around a point do lead to heat build up. The answer, an Arctic Air cooler that provides relief for at least 90 minutes.

Unless you need four seats, acquire a -12!
Thanks Bruce. Still trying to get my wife to take some lessons, even if just for the pinch hitter training. She has held the yoke a few times but just tightens up when I let go. It will just take more time I guess.

Thanks for the feedback on the airflow in the cabin. Almost all of my time has been in high wing with the built in sun shade. Last low wing was a t-34b and mainly in the winter months.

First time seeing an arctic air was at SNF this year. Guess I really just did not pay much attention to them before but sounds like that would be great for cooling the cockpit down a bit.

it is nice to have four seats every once in awhile, but I will probably continue to rent for that mission.

How does the 12 handle our summers in Florida? Pretty much dawn and dusk flying?
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