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Default RV-12 Flight Characteristics

Still narrowing down my decision on which RV.

Are there any other LSAs that have similar flight tendencies? Before I decide on the 12 vs the 9 I will try to get a ride in each. Making the financial commitment to build on a discovery flight it a bit of a gamble. I only have 1.4hrs in a Tecnam Eagle and the rest of my time is in 152s and 172s. Ideally I would like to see if one of the local flight schools has that LSA, so I can get a few hours of flying in our summer weather. Also would like to take my wife up to see how she handles the ride during the thermals.

I have seen posts about the heat in the cockpit, but any FL flyers want to comment on how hot it gets in the summer? Nothing like throwing the windows open on a 172 before you hit the taxi way to cool down after landing.

Thx in advance.
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