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Growing up in New Mexico with about a 400 yr family heritage of eating the local burros and posole and being away from red chile (I lived in Northern NM) and green chile has been worse than going through heroin withdrawal. I have been known to pay extravagant amounts to get it up here, even bought airplane tickets for people in NM to BRING it up here...yeah, you'd have to know to understand...the rest of my family still lives in NM, and they all know that even talking about Hatch green chile is verboten...
I bet I could put a few coolers of frozen green in an RV-10...Now I have a reason to finish the RV-10 quicker!!! Let's see, G900 panel ordered from Stein, engine ordered from Barrett, cowl, plenum and induction ordered from James, exhaust from Larry already here...hmmm, instead of suffering through a conversation about New Mexico chile, I think I'll go do some wiring!!
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